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The Shooting Show TV channel have reviewed the N750 Digisight and Nightmaster NM800IR combo.

Skip to 12min 20sec for the review if you do not wish to watch.

Graphic hunting scenes.



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is the picture shown from the recording a good representation of the picture you see through the lens?


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is the picture shown from the recording a good representation of the picture you see through the lens?

No it's much better than that. I use the 750 with the NM800IR. Close in work bunnies etc. I tend to use the integral IR, it's very low power. Once you step out I use the NM800. Once you have it set up and the correct focus for the IR and the 750, it will let you shoot foxes at ranges a tad in excess of 250m. You can recognize them out at 350m+ once you get used to it and learn how to set it up. The last one I shot this Friday was 262m, I could see the clear outline of the fox no trouble.

The downside is there is no depth of field so range estimation is done by knowing how bright the IR is and how much of the fox outline you should see and the size of the animal in relation to the reticle. That's one reason I don't faff about with the IR power on the NM...it's easy to confuse yourself.

Daylight use is good enough for zeroing only but the picture is not near as good as at night . There is simply too much light even with the controls turned down. Forget it if it's a sunny day. The click adjustment is 13mm per click so that is coarse in my book, but I zero a tad high at 100 and that lets me shoot a high body hold out past 250 and get a kill.

Things I'd change are I hate not being able to choose a more useful reticle instead of that offering they give you.
An integral range finder would be better than the silly integral IR.
It also needs more magnification IMHO. But that would need better resolution in the array. Pressing the 1.5 button merely magnifies the original resolution and although it's sometimes helpful, I hardly ever use it.

The above improvements would obviously cost more but I would happily pay more even if it put the unit at the £1600-£2000 price bracket, it's that good. At the moment the limiting factor for range is the magnification.

The nice thing about this is that it is light, light will not damage it unlike intensifier tubes. The cost is a fraction of a genIII while giving you the same night vision capability if you use IR. Intensifier tubes don't need the illumination like the array sight, but then we are not hunting prey that shoots back...so no problem.

In short I use this on my 22lr and CF22 for foxing and I love it.

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