Sold: Pulsar Phantom NV Scope.


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A 'Pulsar Phantom 4 x 60 BW MD White Phosphor Gen 2 NV Weapon Scope. Bought new by me circa 4 years ago from T. Jacks. Only reason for sale is I have just 'gone thermal, buying a 'Thermion'. With the 'Phantom' comes the Lens Converter 1.5 x, Tikka T3 Tactical Picattiny Rail and all of it's original accessories supplied at POS. It comes in the original packaging.
As can be seen from the photos the scope is in excellent condition. All of the lenses are free from scratches and blemishes. There are one or two very minor marks on the housing and on the 'nuts' used for attachment to the 'rail'. I attached the 'Phantom' atop my Tikka T3 in .223 from day one, where it had remained until a couple of days ago. I have used it solely for foxing and has been very effective. Only on the very darkest nights would I require additional illumination via IR. Although I bought a 'Laserleuchs 5000' to use with it, I found the 'on-board' IR more than adequate out to normal night-shooting distances. I have been very pleased with it's performance and the clarity and detail of the image is superb. The unit has been well maintained and cared for. It has never developed any faults and was working as well last week as it was the day I bought it.
I think I have covered everything but please 'PM' me if I need to clarify.
I am asking £500.00 + Postage.



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Hello there.
Like you, i would be using it for foxes. and sounds like this would fit nicely on top of my Tikka T3 ..223 - with the picatinny rail. :thumb:
Can you pm me please.


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Apologies to everyone. Made an error in the description. It does not come with the 'Picattiny Rail' as mentioned in my description. Everything else is as described. Sorry again.