Pulsar Quantum HD50S - electronics faulty

Erik Hamburger

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I have used this TI successfully for some one and a half years but now is has developed a fault which I have not come across before, I searched various forums and sites. The unit has not been subject to water or a blow/drop or any other trauma.
The menu items images have turned upside down, (so the bottom row is now at the top) the image itself appears to be projected in reverse as well. Obviously an electronics issue. A reboot, new batteries etc. do not solve it, a re-set to factory defaults does not appear to be an option.
Before returning the unit under warranty I wanted to ask if anybody has experienced the same fault and if and how it was solved? Thank you.


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I had similar reversal/inversion of the image, before it went completely black. The jack plug was a very loose fit previous to that, and had to be held in to keep it turned on IE kept switching off. I sent it back to Scott Country, but didn't get postage refunded, and received a brand new replacement unit directly from Thomas Jacks withing 2 weeks.


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Sent my XD38 back direct to Thomas Jacks with a faulty calibration issue, was replaced with another unit, they seem to replace any major issues with a replacement of the same type. deerwarden