Pulsar Quantum Lite Xq23v..video feed

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Hi all,
First time thermal user so be gentle. I recently bought this for some light fox control and some Deer Number surveying. I would like to hook it up to my jeep radio display so I can see what my co-pilot sees. Can anyone educate me as to the type of cable I need?? My radio has video in (yellow) but it seems way too big for the Pulsar connection.
All help very much welcome !!!!


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I too have the 23v but never bothered with the video. Your best bet is contacting Thomas Jack's the importers directly.
The model is obsolete but they should be able to advise you on what leads ,adapters etc .
I broke the battery tray clip which they replaced f.o.c and we're very helpful .
They're on Google and Facebook so you can email them directly atb