For Sale: Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30v

Edinburgh Rifles

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Affordable entry into the thermal spotter market
Very good optics with excellent features

Refresh rate: 50 Hz
Range of detection: 900 m
Magnification 2.5 ... 10х
7 color palettes

Comes with Carrying case | User manual | Video cable | Hand strap | Spare battery container | Cleaning cloth | Warranty card

Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal Scope | PULSAR

RRP £1299


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Picked up one of these from Ed last week. Bought on wednesday evening and arrived Friday.

Very happy with it, the advice given over the phone and the whole experience really.

So much so a mate who I went out shooting with on Saturday has called Ed to buy one on the back of using mine and customer service feedback.

Thank you again.