Pulsar rangefinding bins

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Affordable, and better than the Bushnell equivalent -as regards function, optics and features- but (obviously) not up there on optical quality, looks and prestige with the Zeisses, Swarovskis, and Leicas of this world.

I find it hard to get over their ugliness, but they are built above all as a practical tool. I haven't used them in the field, by the way, merely had a play with them at a couple of trade fairs.

Postscript: I've just seen the description in the link. It seems they're aiming at the Walt market now:

The Pulsar Expert Laser Range Finder Binocular is a vital tool for any tactical operator [...] built to withstand the harsh operating environments of military, government and police personnel [it allows] the operator to easily identify and range their target, assisting in surveillance and target acquisition or sniper operations [...] an essential addition to any Law Enforcement or Military Operations Kit.

I think they copied that from the wrong brochure, don't you? :rolleyes:
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