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Sold: Pulsar Recon 870 R Digital NV Spotter


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I have just managed to finally get the funds together to purchase a thermal spotter. It's the Pulsar Helion XQ38F and I think it's great.

This now leaves my Recon 870 R pretty much redundant. I can't ever see me taking both out and I think the XQ38F will be my go to unit.

So I was wondering if there is anyone interested in purchasing it and using it while they too get the funds together for a thermal.

It's been a great device for me and really filled a gap over the last 2 to 3 years before I could afford a thermal. The onboard IR is OK and I have used it successfully out to about 50 to 75 yards depending on atmospheric conditions.

If you put a good IR torch on the side rail it transforms it, I am able to see clearly out to 200 to 250 yards with my Black Sun B20. I guess you could go further with more IR.

It's about 3 years old and it's in great condition, I've used it about 20 to 30 times and it's not had any hard knocks or been abused.

It comes with it's carrying case, SD card and mounts for an additional torch.

I'm thinking of asking £225 for it.

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