Pup Training ?


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Having trained a couple of dogs for deer with good results I now find myself treading new ground . The dogs I have trained have all been older dogs ie 10 or 11 months old ,I now have a pup ... your thoughts on what age to start them on tracking given this would be only be gentle play type training so as not to bore them & they do need to be pups at the end of the day ..


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As soon as you get your pup the training starts, but as you rightly say keep it easy and just do the food association with scent or blood at this stage, one way is to rub a liver or pluck on a meter square on the lawn then place some dry dog food on it and just let your dog hover it up, you can move on to10 meter trails by dragging a pluck with a reword at the end after a couple of weeks, then onto better things later,
As you say don't let your pup get board or fed up and aways finnish on a high.