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We have 2 pups, they have been with us a little over a week allowing for their change in circumstances from the breeder to us there stomachs don't seem to have settled yet and was wondering if it may be the food that they get, we are feeding them on Autarky puppy complete, they are bright and alert and doing all the things that puppy's do and seem to be very happy, can any of you guys recommend a good complete puppy food l might try them on.


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Puppy Food

Hi Ladystalker
I'm feeding my Gsp pup Beta puppy food he seems to like it and no belly problems. Quite reasonable price compared to some.

Puppy Food

Hello Ladysalker

Are you feeding them on the same food that the breeder was or have you changed makes ?

Also have they had all their vets visits, wormers etc.



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I would give the same advice as Jean. There also probably a little stressed so dont try to change things around too fast with their diet.



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hi jean,
the breeder had her own dog food made up for her by her own supplier , the pups are wormed and had first jabs and vet checked and has had the all clear from the vets.
as i said the pups have a great appetite but this seems to come with the Mr whippy syndrome.

gunslingergirl i will try to post some pics.

Andy L

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I always find a chicken and rice puppy food the best. They have never had problems when I have fed them on that. Most places will stock a diet made from chicken and rice.


Dissapointed that the breeder never gave you some of her food to wean them on to you own puppy food.

At least it is both puppies with the gippy tums so I would say its the food causing it - are you sure they have not eaten anything the shouldn't have.

Personally I would boil some white rice and feed them on this for two meals and then add some broiled white meat and mix it with the rice for a few days, don't give them milk but plenty of water as they will dehydrate quickly. They may not like the rice but they will like the white meat and this should settle their stomach. You can then add a few nibbles of puppy food to the mix and start to reduce the white meat & rice. I have always found Chudleys puppy is a good start in life, but I am sure that all the puppy foods are much the same. (If you contact Chudleys, they send out free samples and a 'puppy pack' with freebies in it, or at least they used to).

Let us know how they get on & what breed are they ??

Jeanie ;)

P.S - MarkH - lovely photo of your bitch by the way.


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Hi Jean

The puppies are labrador retrever cross ,
l have managed to fence off part of the garden so the pups have only grass to run on and i check every day to make sure there is nothing on the grass that might upset there tummy .
l have been incontact with a vet who has given me advice to try and get rid of the upset stomach so fingers crossed it will work .
many thanks for your advice and everyone else on this thread. :)


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these are my little tikes :D [/img]
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