Pups day out

John Gryphon

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Packed the dogs in the back and headed out a couple of K`s in light misting drizzle. Just break of day and thus the scent should sit well on anything.Walked a K,wandering really on a very old disused logging track and stopped for a scan and after quite some time I could see a "bit of deer" 147 yards away but uphill.
Bugger! I couldn't make it out for a proper ID in heavy fern and big trees and was about to pull the pin and move on when with a sudden wind swirl the adult dogs went into the bush. I reckon it was 49 seconds later the Brown Flash galloped across the clearing/track of 20 yards width,about 40-50 yards away...up with Mr 7 and bam,rolled the hind calf. It was one of those satisfying shots that come about on instinct,I was chuffed with myself lol..true!
And all over a deer calf,they don't have to be big stags to enjoy the hunt.
It came out of the bush where the dogs went in and almost bowled the pups over as it flashed past.
I was very pleased with a shot with them seeing the deer and jumping in for a tentative pluck session.
A couple of hours well spent wandering.
I`m going to cook its liver right now!

Edited The liver was sliced 12mm thick,dredged in seasoned flour and shallow fried in good olive oil,browned with slightly crisp edges but retaining a pink colour inside,placed between two heavily buttered pieces of whole grain bread and then consumed like a fkn wolf,geezus it was fkn good! I had two sangas.
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