Put your hands up for Just A Knife.

John Gryphon

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Now there are a few on here that have read my post re the heading of Just A Knife and today SD member kimh has suggested a wonderful idea for "the knife" I personally think that it is brilliant.
Part of his email to me below in bold....

Qu: Re: your thread, just a thought, send me your mate's knife (your knife), I'll shoot three rabbits,and send it on to the next shooter, let your mate watch his knife travel the world? Eq:

There ya go and I`m sure that he will be chuffed to the moon and back to hear of its travels,first stop from Australia is Gloucestershire. Not even i know where it will head from there.

As above when the knife arrives in your care, shoot three rabbits (head shots) and lay them out with the knife as in the pic and send it on.

kimh I don`t know you other from the SD but you have a weeks sambar hunting as my guest.


John Gryphon

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Rob the knife can go from anywhere to anywhere and if you want to participate go for it.
Your next door neighbour may want to be in the game.
Wherever it ends up. It may come back to Australia one day to be sent to Botswana,who knows.


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count me in John, fantastic idea

That’ll bring a smile to your old mucker for sure, finding out where it’s been