Q for Blaser 93 Target shooters


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Toying with the idea of an R93 in .308. Love playing with handloads and Range work. So how many rounds can you put down a standard barrel before groups start opening out? Is the match fluted barrel worth it? Difference in accuracy etc.


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I have JagdMatch barrels in .223, 22-250, 243 and 308.

I have never shot more than 5 shots in a row. I reckon you could get twice that number before the groups begin to open up.


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Best person to ask would be Paul Hill of Corinium Range, HME on here. He has vast experience of R93 .308Win range work. Various of his posts/website blogs speak of thousands of rounds per year and heat haze from the moderator...try a P.M. as a Blaser dealer/agent he can also supply the gun....I happily bought his old R93 and it still shoots straighter than I can!



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Ian Mulliner of Mullinerguns is also a Blaser retailer and very good too, so he would be worth a call even if it is only for information. He is also very helpful and very competative.