For Sale: Quad shooting sticks


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Quad shooting sticks made to order.

I need to know your height and 'handness' (lefty or righty).

Softwood £65 delivered (extra for Highlands and Islands etc)
Hardwood (Ash) £85 delivered (extra for Highlands and Islands etc)

As seen in the Shooting Times and shooting sports magazines

And the kelso deerstalking fair video:

And Gregors shooting from them video:

And how to open them!

Some notes for owners..

the elastics in the middle are, in almost all cases, too long for your stock.
this is intentional as I have to account for different stock lengths.
just shorten the length appropriate to your rifle with a couple of new knots. I find about a 2" 'stretch' gives even greater stability.

the bottom screws may seem slightly loose...this is intentional to stop them binding

the multiple wraps of tape indicating the stick to hold when opening is pronounced so you can feel which stick to hold when using at night.

dont ever be afraid to call if you need any pointers on opening or using the sticks...a quick call will often help with any problems you might have opening them.

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Mine arrived this week just not been able to get out with them yetSeemed rock steady in the living room with the rifle on top
Tony many thanks for putting a set up as a prize at the recent SD shoot
Also good talking to you and hope to meet up one day
I will report back with feedback as soon as I can get out
Regards pete


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I got a set of these from Tony a few months ago and am well impressed by how stable they are. A good few roe have fallen thanks to these sticks. Excellent when the cover is so high.


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Quick quetion. Are these made to order on a standard size or made specific to your height? I'm quite tall so find I have to crouch down slightly with the sticks I use at the moment.


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Made to order unless I'm at a show where I have them ready made to suit 5'5" to 5'8", 5'9" to 6'0" and 6'1" to 6' 4".
They are also made specific to your handness (righty or lefty)

For those in Ireland I'm currently looking for a distributor over there as the courier costs are bl00dy stupid (£30 a set!!)


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I don't know about being cheaper at the midland, I'd have to sell 50 sets of sticks just to cover the stand charges!!!!
i was hoping to be on someone else's stand but that's looking unlikely now.


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I have a set of these sticks. They are so compact and light. You need to practice opening them and mounting your rifle but that said they are rock steady. I shot two bucks off them in standing corn during the rut. One was at 196 yards the other at 223 yards. I would never of had the confidence to shoot at these distances off my old twin sticks. Seriously recommended.

see it shoot it

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I met with Tony yesterday to pick a set of stick up,I must admit I was a little worried about the sticks being clumbersome being made from square wood,but what a surprize when you actually hold a set,the shape is lovely and comfy in the hand and so light,
now to the business end,after a quick lesson in the Esso petrol station car park on how to open them (no gun used) and a few funny looks form customers I was sold.
got them home and had a play on the back garden with a rifle on shoulder,totally solid to shoot off I would be happy with a 300 yard plus with these sticks.
affordable,good quality and they do exactly what there ment to do


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These are without doubt the best quad sticks I have tried. They are light and handy and durable, you cannot make a better buy!

I would not be without mine by choice. Top man, top product.



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I've had mine since the end of July and have taken about 10 beasts of them. Much much more stable then the twin sticks that I had been using before, and very quick to deploy.
Having been a user of twin sticks for years the one thing I struggled with was that I had been so used to shooting whilst the rifle was travelling slowly up the body of the deer (to stop lateral drift) that I employed the same method automatically with the quads. This resulted in me pulling a couple of the shots into "high spine shots".
Once I got used to the fact that you no longer needed to do that I have been very happy with them.