Quads and Pickups

Dan Newcombe

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Sorry this is not 100% deer related.

Does anyone know the actual law regarding quadbikes and pickups on the road.

1) Is it legal to carry a rifle not in a slip (but all usual vehicle precautions taken) on a quad that is being driven on the road? If the quad has road tax. Also do i need a bike license to ride the quad on the road or does my driving license suffice? (quad is on farm insurance)

2) Can you legally ride in the back of a pickup on the road? Ive heard so many different stories from 'no because theres no seats' to a policeman telling a friend of mine that its ok as long as you are sat with your back against the cab.

Basically i want to see if what 'a friend' does out lamping and on shoot days is technically legal. I dont like relying on 'they wont usually do you for it' attitude!




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1. No it must be covered and as much as possible not in view of the public. a full car driving license is required to drive a quad on the public highway, no a motorcycle license

2. Nope its illegal.