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hi guys I'm just wondering if anyone knows what qualifications someone would need to become a ghillie (stalking guide)


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I dont think the level 1 is a must but if you would be selling carcasses in to the market then you would need the large game handling ticket. The most important thing you would need is experiance and that cant be gained by a bit of paper.



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A lot of luck as well, jobs in deer management are about as rare as a Red Stag running through the middle of Trafalger Square , whilst its new years Eve :eek:

You need to book yourself into Sparsholt college and gain the right experiance, or better still there is another college which pulls out a lot trainee stalkers, its up near Cape Wrath in Scotland I believe.

Expect hard work, and very little money, but job satisfaction if you find the right place is worth it all. Good luck.


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i would stick to the joinery russ then you will be able to afford to go stalking when you want,i was a full time keeper and it was a thankless task.unless you get a employer who really looks after you,and there are some out there but they take some stalking :lol: .

Nick Gordon

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Hi Russ,

I'm not trying to put you off but the son of one of the guys in my office went to college and qualified as a keeper.

During the training,he moaned that the students were used as a labour force for the surrounding estates providing them with cheap labour for grouse and pheasant beating etc.

After he qualified, he simply could not get a job as the estates were looking for someone with experience or the wages would not covering travelling or the cost of rented accomadation.

He eventually gave up his ambition and did something completely different.

As Tikka says there are good employers out there but they seem to be thin on the ground.



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I went into keepering from school.Unless you drop lucky with a good employer it'll be soul destroying.Learn a trade then use your spare time to indulge your passions.When you are a keeper you don't get any spare time....
Good luck
All the best,


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i went to college and did forestry and gamekeeping on a city and guilds qualifacation, from there i was offered a job on a building site ( man can't live on nothing ) when out of the blue the fella where i did my work placement offered me a job helping him renovate his run down farmhouse, aswell as run his small shoot and help train the dogs as he ran a working dog kennels , from there i hav never looked back ,great life style with some beautifull moments and lots of free shooting poor money long hours including lots of unpaid overtime and stress
never give up your dreams , you could regret it, no matter how rich you get
i am 37 now with a good job and lots of free stalking and shooting but i followed my dreams and one day i will go back to that life and finish the chapter
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