quality of ammunition .243?


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Hi guys

Ive done a bit of phoning around today looking for .243 100g ammunition local to me in Nottingham. Im concentrating on 100g as I want a one bullet solution for deer and vermin.

Apart from not much choice, the prices vary considerably:

Federal powershok - £20 to £26.95
Federal vitalshok - £26.95
Remington corelokt - £18.00

RWS T mantle - £28.95
Hornady BTSP - £23.99

Ive tried the Feds and the Remies, with mixed success.

I know it varies on the individual rifle - but just your opinion of the general quality of the RWS and Hornady would be fab.

Ive also got the option of Sako soft points in 90g - any views here?





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What are you putting them through?

I tried Federal & Remmi through my Sako and wasn't that happy with the results - both OK, but not brilliant. The Feds seemed really inconsisten - the bullets were seated at different depths and quality control seemed to be a bit lacking.

Settled on Norma 100gr SP in the end and they group sub 1/2" now. The deer don't know any difference, but I've got a bit more confidence in the combo.


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The first question has got to be, what deer species are you shooting? If it is the smaller species, then I would drop to around 80gr.

I used 100gr bullets in my .243 years ago and absolutely hated them. I now use a bullet from 70 to 85gr through a .243 now and it is a different calibre.(so to speak)

As for 100gr RWS I know a few keepers that use them and swear by them and they would not use anything else.


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I used the 90gr sako and they were fine for roe, fallow etc and grouped really well out of my RWS.

Be careful when looking at prices cos they have all jumped massively in the last 6 months so if you are talking to anyone with old stock you might get the impression that the make of bullets is cheap where it is just that they are old stock.

My local had a pile of bullets, all same make/calibre/weight and the top box was £21, the next 2 down were £23 and the rest were £29. Simply to do with when he had bought them. I bought 3 boxes, guess which :???:


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I was using Federal Powershok 100gr through my T3 Lite, Stainless, shoots well with them, I'm now reloading.

Once my 100gr Heads are used up, I'm thinking of dropping down to 70gr heads to see what they perform like, I'll obviously will only be shooting Roe with them up here.


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RWS 100gn T-Mantel is very good and very consistent ammo. It is loaded a bit hotter than most of the rest - 3070 fps as opposed to 2900 fps for most of the rest.

Out of the Heym I expect it to shoot three rounds into a clover leaf type group and I haven't had t adjust the sights for ten years - it seems to be very consistent between batches.

Only slight issue is that the bullet does seem to be quite soft and expands pretty quickly. I have shot a couple of Roe at 30 yds and there was a bit of a mess. But it doesn't explode like a varmint bullet, but all foxes I have shot drop at the spot.

Don't let the price worry you too much - after all with a rifle a box of 20 rds, given a couple of sighters every now and then should account for at least 12 to 15 beasts if you do your bit. Use what your rifle likes.

Also have a look at Norma Ammo - on a par with RWS.


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Hi guys

I suppose the smart thing to do is try the Sako 90g and the RWS 100g and go from there - thanks for the reassurance that they'll be as good or better.
Im not shooting reds in the forseeable future - if ever unless the finances improve - so 10g shouldn't make much difference.





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Hi guys

There are several I want to try - its getting hold of it thats the trouble.

Are your RFD's mentioning problems with supply? because mine are saying shipments are slowing considerably.

Im assuming this is down to demand in the states where people are stocking up - because of Obama possibly tightening gun controls over there?

Do any of our American friends have any views on this?

I don't doubt we'll still get some, but continuity might become a problem if its true - now might be a good time to see what else works in your rifle.