Quarry shoot

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Met up with swampy today
who kindly led me to his domain . a disused quarry where we could let loose a round or two. Gave a huge feeling of realism , to the controlled pipe range environment , that I had previously led him to at my local club.
This time he hit a barn door with a Banjo . We fired .243 Tikka t3 1" grouping not to bad as we had a gusty day with rain and 20 mile crosswind he fired 7mm and his trusted Parker hale , which I admit was more pleasant than a trip to Siberia, guess we both grouped well and where more than satisfied , swampy then put a bigger load on the Parker hale and 53gr I think what a difference , 6"higher but nice group . So it goes to show !practice know your kit and capabilities . The .22rf shoot was a doddle , slotted 2" groups out to 60 yards which wasn't Olympic, but if you was a bunny !!! a bad day!. Thanks swampy for a pleasant day out .
Cheers Trapper
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