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Does anybody know of a good book about CWD?

Also, does any one know anything about their behaviour, grazing habits, i.e. how much vegetation a day would a singe animal eat? and do the bucks and does split up during the year, like red hind and stags do?
Do cwd actually trash reed beds? or is this just a myth? What would be the ideal number of animals per hectare/acre?

Also when is it their rut?? when the rut is happening, what sort of habitat do they like? dense vegitation or open fields or reedbeds?

The reason for these questions, is that we are just updating our CPI's (Conservation Performance Indicators) for the reserve, and the small population (12 animals and growing) we have could play a major effect for some our our key species on the reserve.

And on a different note, if we had to start culling them, what would be the best rifle to use.

Thank you for your time and help

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Orford Ness NNR

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BDS do an excellent booklet (30 pages or so) on the natural history of CWD. As far as I know it's the only one available outside more specialised academic stuff.


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I already have that one and not read it yet!, but I would like to know more about the deer.


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