Question for Nikon scope owners


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I was shopping for scope with more power and a good retical for load and rifle testing, but not too bulky for hunting. I ran across a Nikon PH 3-12x40, which was not on my list, but I was impressed and bought it, mounted it in Warne medium QD rings. It worked well on a few rifles. Then I moved it to another, a Steyr PH, and the bolt handle will not quite clear the power ring. I am going to try it on a few more rifles this weekend, but I just wondered if any of you had a similar experience, or if other medium rings were high enough.


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I have a Nikon Monarch 3 with a 50mm object on my re-barreled Weatherby mk v if it was not for the short bolt throw with medium rings I would not get the bolt open I only have a 16th of an inch clearance on the barrel.
But what a nice scope for the money.


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I've a Nikon on my Brno 22lr with 40mm objective and medium mounts, bolt handle only just clears the eye end (sorry can't remember the right word) end.


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The reason I asked is because I really think this is a very bright and clear scope for the money, and it made me consider the 2-7x32, but if the ocular bell is this large, it will not clear some of my bolt handles either, with medium rings, much less with low rings. I think in the small scope I wll stick with the Burris FFII or Fullfield E1. I may buy a set of high rings for this Nikon, or just use in on the 90% of the rifles on which it does fit.

Thanks for the feedback.