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I have just got a Lyman gen 6 powder scales.. I am trying to register the warranty.. I can't find the e mail address to register it.. And yes i have spent an hour trawling there web site. Any know please
Whenever I see people confuse an adverb with a possessive pronoun it makes me doubt their internet search skills. Only joking. :);)
You might have come across these pages already, but the only contact shown is the company website URL. You don't actually need to register anything, as there's a general warranty & guarantee of 12 months offered with the product. Under the Sale of Goods Act, any claims or defects are the responsibility of the retailer or dealer from whom you bought the Gen 6. All you'll need is the sales receipt showing the date of purchase in the UK.:thumb:
Yes i have seen this part on their web site.. But this is the only contact for them but still no email to upload your warranty.. Many thanks any way


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