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Greener Jim

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So, I'm putting together my wish list for the 338-06. I've selected the rifle but now I need a moddy.
I want a nice thin and light(ish) can for a couple reasons. I am fine with over-barrel but don't want it to mark the barrel.
The ASE Utra Sl6 is good but a little wide and heavy.
The MAE bushless seems a good shout but is there any I am missing that fill my requirements?

Greener Jim

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He's in lies the problem, I looked at the Schultz and Larsen ones by Allan Rhone but they don't go bigger than 8mm. I also looked at DPT but, despite saying they do 338 baffles, when I looked on their actual site 338 isn't an option (seen below). I may have to speak to the importers and see what the deal is, maybe it is a custom order.

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look up barton gunworks and the macc tech moderator I'm sure he will be able to help you and he's an interesting guy as he's right into old lever action/falling block/ double rifles !