Quiz (for the mechanically literate).


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durin the war,sorry back in the 80,s we them army fellas had the brand new alll the bells n whistles defender on trial.what a bag of sh...core plugs melted ,engines seized .they were amazing n shi.. in the same breath .1 in 3 were mlst excellent so 66% were sugar hotel india tango and 30 years on theyre the same .sorry peeps after 18 months trialling the toilet rolls i would rather have an IZUZU atb n lang may your jobbies reek


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5/10 was the best that I could do. Have used them a fair bit over the years with work, lets just say that in later years we had much better vehicles to do the job, very much better vehicles in fact.

Rake Aboot

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7/10 Know loadsa stuff about landies. Thats why I have the L200 in the first place.

Might buy a defender as a hobby though.

White Hart

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8/10. I'm a LR fan but fear my body can't take driving a Defender anymore... RD cheers for posting but I fear all you'll bring out are the anti's... You might as well done a Blaser quiz... Coincidently they did a limited edition;

there you go Anti's that should make your blood boil...


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5/10. I was provided with one when I was keepering, it did the job, but I wouldn't dream of spending my money on one.


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A free set of stalking sticks to anyone that can think of 10 questions of relevance about any Jap bucket of any vintage
Draw will be made 9PM Christmas Eve 2015.


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Hells bells, I scored 6/10!!!!:eek: I'm a soft-handed office monkey that can just about identify an engine when you lift the bonnet!! Mechanically literate.....if you can't fix it with a squirt of wd40 and a crack from a BFH, it's time to call in a Professional!:doh:

Perhaps I should buy me a landrover - I obviously have an aptitude for them......:D