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Spoken by a blind Mexican war veteran in Cormac McCarthy's novel The Crossing, I've always liked this. It says in a single sentence what Kafka spent hundreds of thousands or words and a whole shelf of novels trying to explain:

"Some men are in their lives like the carpenter whose work goes so slowly for the dullness of his tools that he has not time to sharpen them".


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Alle Kunst ist unsonst, Wenn ein Engel in das Zundlochprunst

Translates as All skill is for naught when an angel ****es down the barrel of your musket

Since my first love is waterfowl/wildfowl this seems to pop into my mind on a regular basis


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From an old boy I used to work with I know you cant make a silk purse from a sows ear but you neednt make a pigs arse of it


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"Laugh a lot, love a few but always paddle your own canoe"

Always smiled at a George Best quote that was something along the lines of.

"I've spent all my money on booze, fast cars and women, the rest of it, I wasted"


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"You have the right of freedom of speech ......and I fought for the right to punch you in the face if I disagree"


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Your fault my mistake, from a great sergeant in the royal artillery game cock barracks 1992 never forget them words thankyou sergeant ford


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Nothing can be cut so thin that it only has one side.

A Bengal Tiger born in a zoo is still a Bengal Tiger.

Never a moment is wasted where a record is kept.
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