R.P.A Quadlite .308

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I am about to take delivery of a new rifle (R.P.A Thumbhole Hunter) in .308, 1 in12 twist rate.
Has anyone had any experience of this rifle in this caliber ? If so which factory ammo suited it best?
I have read on other postings about max bullet weight for any given twist rate, in this case max 170 grain. Any ideas as to what bullet weight best suits a 1 in 12 ?



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Just reading your tred m8 im getting the GPA hunter RPA rifle in .260 wont get it till november time.
Im going to ask you what you are asking other whats the rifle like ? how is she shooting? any long range's yet ? and how tight is she she needs to be shooting tight baby????? Please tell me as i carnt wait to reaceve my new baby...... thx :lol:


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try something around about 155gr, i use that out to 1000m with reasonble results through a A.I. L96
best out to 800m though.

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cut and paste from a pm.

"R.P.A is doing fine things, it shoots tight with Norma 150g ballistic tips, and with the Sako 125g gameheads. I was at Bisley this afternoon and shot 3 rounds within 3/4 inch group at 200 yards."


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I have now put 7 different manufacturers of ammo thru my R.P.A .308, it is a fussy bugger. I recently purchased some Hornady 168g A max T.A.P ammo from Riflecraft and it is shooting these as tight as a gnats ..... I also had D.M.C Cartridges make up some rounds with a 168g Barnes XXX bullet, using Lapua brass. The first time I shot these they cloverleafed at 100 yards.
The Hornady A max are fantastic for parkland deer where head shooting is the norm, I dont know that I would heart shoot wild deer with them, due to the possible lack of exit wound.
I have a Kahles 4-16x50 on the rifle and a A.S.E Utra S5 mod. The rifle has taken alot of getting used to but it is now my favorite. Have just spent the weekend culling park Fallow with Highlander and the rifle did its job well.
One slight bummer with the thumbhole stock is that very time i put the bolt into or out of the action it scratches the stock. This does not happen when cycling the bolt. I have spoken to R.P.A about it and they were un concerned ! If you are getting your rifle in Nov may I suggest phoning R.P.A every day from now untill you get it and becoming a large pain in thier arse otherwise it may well be Nov 2009 before your rifle appears !
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