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Some areas up here where rabbits are making a comeback, but as ever the farmers want them shot.
We have been knocking over a puckle deer on one bit recently where we couldn't believe the volume of brown hares, approximately forty in one park of about four acres. Great to see, and to be able to take one or two for a decent feed once in season.


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Haven't shot one for a couple of years now. I occasionally see one or two down my little lane and there's a couple up in my top field but I leave them. Other areas locally seem to have more around, so perhaps it is a very localised thing.
It is so weird to read posts like this as there are literally millions down this way. Driving anywhere and they are all on every grass verge eating away, roadkill everywhere and every field has the margins chewed bowling green short by them.

Then I do find it odd to hear people talking about roe numbers like they're a pest almost, seeing multiple deer in one field etc. I'm lucky to see a roe full stop not loads of them.


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Two of the properties I control pests on have asked me to get onto the rabbits again after a gap of two years only seeing the occasional rabbit now and again .
Glad they are making a bit of a comeback ,most of us probably started on the humble rabbit, I know I did first ferreting trip when I was eight years old , good god nearly half a century away .



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Ref the above it must be an age thing but I have just realised its over half a century its 54 years since I went on my first ferreting trip at eight years old .
PS Daughter on phone to care home as I type.

Loads here, part of the condition on my permission is knocking them back......so bad ended up gasing last year, hopefuly ferrets and .22 will be enough this year

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Good numbers in most of my perms the the effects of mixi and buzzards will no doubt knock them back a bit ,Hares have been the real success story.
I agree about the Hares!, just picked up a new permission and the first thing they said is could I reduce the number of Hares, my first reply was that I don't normally shoot hares but would have a look to see how many there are and would let them know if I thought they needed to be controlled
Went out last night at dusk and counted 30 of them in a small 2 acre grass paddock!!


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Definitely less in our fields, some more so than others and a noticeable increase in fox and hare. Shot a fair few fox last year in daylight without targeting them.

Grass and general foliage is soooo high at the moment in the margins that it is hard to tell what is hiding in there at the moment.

I did go out for a wander last evening with the triple and didn't see anything apart from some corvids on the muckheap.