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Can anybody recommend a good pair of 2 way radio's to use while stalking?

Do you use hand held or are they fitted with remote pressel, earpiece and mic??

Would be wanting to cover no more than 500-800m=1/2 mile tops in the open, 200-400m=1/4 mile in woodland.

I don't want to get something which says it's good to find out it's pump. Would rather go from a recommendation from someone who has used the equipment.

The Mole

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Most of the cheapies work pretty well out to a couple of miles line of sight, but performance breaks down quickly in woodland. I use Cobras with clip on mike & earbud - found them perfectly OK if you don't expect too much of them, say a few hundred yards in woods (great between high seats). If you need better perfomance you'll have to spend some money I'm afraid.


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I also use the Motorola T5622 and find they do the job perectly well. They are mainly used on pheasant days amongst thick fir plantations and seem to have a good range even through the trees. MH

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I have used Cobras on the shoot for a couple of seasons and have found them as good,if not better than others I have used. I would certainly have them again. Several of my keeper mate also use these.


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We use motorolla GP300 radios. Great! Work every day 8/10 hr standby and good range. When we brought them we got a licence for the first few years, then the reminders stoped comming so we stoped buying one. Strange things licences, things still work just fine without them, must see how the 4x4 performs without one. ;)


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Why don`t you use what they still use in Coventry, 2 tin cans at the end of a piece of string :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry Beowulf, i couldn`t resist it. :lol:



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Check out Ebay, I bought a set of Binetone cheapies that do very well, last all day, and cost £22


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Been using some Entel kit on this weeks deer count, outstanding, easily getting 5-6 miles and around the lumps too!
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