Rain man

Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing


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Just finished feeding the pheasants in the rain when this fellow came to join in.I was in full view with two labs at heel, the closes he came was less than 8 yards. Apologies for quality will try harder.



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Why do I get the feeling the poor chap is not going to be around long. Moments like that are priceless.

Bandit Country

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Great video. Not the brightest beast in the forest is he? He needs to be in the cull plan if only to weed out the 'careless gene'? :)


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Why does this video remind me of the classic Larson cartoon.....with one whitetail looking at another that has a target on it's chest and exclaiming "Bummer of a Birthmark, Hal"

It reminds me of the time I was stalking in thick woodland and had lined up on a roe buck about 60 yards away. As I waited for it to step forward and present a shot, so the head and neck of a fallow pricket appeared in the scope picture about 10 yards away....what a time to want to get in front of the camera ;)
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