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colin jalland

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I am in the market for a cheap range finder and would appreciate any advise on good value models and more important ones to avoid .It must be able to range find out to around 1000 yrds .
Thanks Colin


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Have a look at Leica - but it depends on what cheap means, especially if you want it out to 1000yds.

There was a Leica for sale on here a week or so ago - might still be available.


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I haven't used any "cheap" rangefinders but I did have a Zeiss prf 8x26 rangefinder which was excellent and comes out very well in comparison tests against the likes of Swarovski and Leica rangefinders. I sold mine to fund a pair of Swarovski range finding binoculars. They are about £550 new but you might be able to pick up a good second hand one for around £300 - £350, the image quality was excellent too.

I would much rather buy a second hand high quality rangefinder than a far inferior cheap mediocre (at best) new rangefinder, but it obviously depends on your budget. Also if you were to sell your high quality second hand set on you shouldn't lose much money on it.
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Don't think any of the cheaper ones will range out to 1000,unless you're happy only ranging large,white,flat structures. Even some of the top end rangefinders will struggle on small targets at that range.
So you really need to be looking at Leica,Zeiss,Swarovski. The Vortex offering is a little cheaper.
Cabellas in the U.S. Have the Leica 1600B for $499,which is great value and cheaper than S/H here.


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I started off with a Leupold and quickly realised that it rarely went beyond 400 yards and then the conditions had to be very good despite what it said on the tin. I then bought a Leica and would not use anything else, it says 1600 on the side but will go out well beyond this. Buy second hand and off here preferably.
Buy once cry once.

Good Luck


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Leica 40535 Rangemaster CRF 1000-R Laser Rangefinder 7x Black

on 'bay today £350.

These work & keep on working. Great optics & super accurate .

Has slope cosine function too!

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I have a basic golf rangefinder which is supposed to do well over 600 yards. It struggles on the hill beyond high 300s but is perfectly adequate for that job. As others have said I don't think a cheap one will do that distance - not in real life anyway, but don't discount a golf rangefinder, they do the same job.

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Used to have leupold which I was very happy with until I left it on a Scottish hillside! Now have a sig sauer kilo 2000 which is great and would recommend. Much better than my leupold.


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i have had a bushnell 1000 for quite a few years and seems to be good
although i havr never ranged further than about 650 with it.
would recomend it for the money but im sure their are better options in the second hand market