Range finders


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Am thinking of buying a monocular type range finder. Have been considering the Hawke but don't know much about them . Anybody got any knowledge of any resonibly priced range finders or have used them.
Got a good pair of zeiss bins already.



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Leica 800, very easy to use.
Just buying one for a friend second hand at 200Euro.
They range out to 800m.



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I'm very happy with my Bushnell 1500 ARC. Does a great job and not as expensive as the usual suspects. Have a good thought about how far you'll want to use it for and test a few. Easy to spent lots of money for very little benefit. Good luck with the decission!

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leica 900 scan.

has LED display, not LCD display therefore you can read it better in low light while lamping.


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Nikon Buckmaster, optically its better than the cheaper imports and via ebay matches them on cost.


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I have a pair of 8 x 42 binos and had a look through the Swarovski rangefinder. Same magnification and just as bright a picture. Bought it.

Now only take the rangefinder and leave the binos in the car. Just as good a view in the field as binos. Lighter as well.



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I started off with the LRF1200 scan set to meters, but I lost it out stalking one day. I then bought a new CRF 1200 also set in meters. What a great bit of kit. I do however try to guess the range before putting the CRF onto it just to keep my eye in. Waste of time :oops:


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Due to budget ( I know you get what you pay for )
went onto cabelas and ordered there bushnell scout 100 ARC and bino set.
Just over £200 for the pair, the range finder over here in sportsman is £189 so went for it.
We will see when it turns up.

Thanks for the replies