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parker hale 1200 in .30-06 with 150 gr speer spitzer 2023. 51 gr of N140 cci primer and IMI non woeght sorted brass.

shot the best groups of the day. under an inch.

same rifle with 53 gr of nobel #1 and sierra game kings. same everything else. some verticle variation groups of 2 inches high but half inch wide.

same rifle with 53.1 gr of N140 cci primer and imi brass. consistant 1.5 inch groups.

why am i thinking i would like a new .30-06? this is a good rifle.
I can't wait to try it with the 165's i bet it will love them.



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Sounds like you had a nice time out, so what combination you going to try and improve? If any...



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next load developement

my next load will be 165gr sierra gamekings. hopefully i can get some IMR 4350 or 4064. the velocity for these powders is given at 2900 fps.

I was advised when i got the rifle it would shoot heavier loads better. it is really accurate. so hopefully i can get a good combination worked out and use this combination where i might be more in the open and need longer reach.

i feel that the 7mm with 145's is a great woodland stalking combination firing 145s at 2900 so there is no need to run the 06 at 150's at 2900. i should use both rifles to thier potential. the old parker hale really is accurate.