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Hi all,

Feeling a bit bored this week so i decided to take one of the rifles and do some plinking.
Set up a 12" X18" board with a 1" square to aim at.
My first group @100m went to about an inch second group slightly less
then i moved back to 150m fired another group all 4 rounds were touching in a group less than 1/2" so i tried again same result.
Went back to 100m and fired again 4 rounds went to just under an inch.
Tried 200m then 300m and was very happy with the result but i was shocked to find that my groups were better at 150m than 100m, i have read a bit in the VHA magazine about bullets stabalising at a certain range but allways thought this was more for big calibres used for 1000m.
I was using my .223 tikka with a 16" barrel 55gn Vmax 26.5 gns Varge
I just thought some of you might find this interesting.
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