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I have one of the earlier Bushnell rangefinders, quite bulky compairedto a mates Nikon. His fits in his pocket, top shirt pocket, my question, are they any good, which in youre experiances would you buy or not. I have one GOOD eye only therefore binnocular vision is missing hence poor rangefinding, I have to constantly practice estimating distances, on mountain areas its even worse, to me 500yds looks like 200 yds. Also there are some ones that now give up and downhill ranging. Want one for Africa in May. Also would like to make up party of four for Kwa Natal in May of 2009, trophy warthogs from£90. Deerwarden. :rolleyes:


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I love my range finder, though it is a very early Bushnell and is very large compared with the latest ones.

I find it dead useful as I shoot in Norfolk where range estimation is very difficult in the big open fields - its always further than you think!

I would suggest checking Ebay to see if you can pick up a used set (it worked for me!) - the new ones are v pricery



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Yep mine an early bushnell too quite large and bulky, I'm in norfolk too wheres youre base. deerwarden.


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DW, I am blind in my left eye (car accident 7 years ago). Anyway I could never justify to myself spending big money on Bino's to only use half of them.

Earlier this year, I bit the bullet and bought a Swarovski 8x30 SLC laser rangefinder specifically to use as a monocular with the LRF function being a bonus. I realise these cost a lot more than the Bushnell or Nikon, but they are absolutely excellent optically.

My only criticism is that they fail in low light quite a few minutes earlier than my Swaro or S&B 50mm scopes, but they are small and very handy.

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I have a pair of Bushnell Proquest 8x36 rangefinder binos. They are quite heavy but not a problem if you use a harness type strap. Two functions in one is what does it for me - I can't be bothered with two bits of kit. The downside is that optically they aren't as good as if I paid the same money just for a set of binos.
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I have a pair of Leupold Wind River RB800c rf's in 8 x 32's. They have never come out of the box but i have used a pair whilst deployed on active service and they are worth every penny.

I am selling the boxed set as i do not need 2 pairs if anyone is interested ??


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thanks for the replies guys, combined rf/ bins looking promising, will go that route I think, again thanks for advice
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