Ranges for zeroing


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Only my second post so be gentle.

Does anyone know of any ranges in the South East of England(an hour or two from West London) other than Bisley where one can zero in a rifle as a guest?I have looked at the Bisley ranges but it looks like you have to be a member and must pass a probation period,a training programme and shoot x amount of events etc etc etc before you can use the range, all I want is somewhere I can go and zero in a rifle when needed and its look like its only the MOD ranges that are availble and you need to be a member to use them.

I have a nasty feeling that its only Bisley or MOD ranges that can be used!Please tell me I am wrong.



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Bobt has it right.

You visit your ground. You know how it "is shot". You know the results.

You end a suitable visit with "an appropriate" 3 - 4 round session.

Impact on noise with regard to deer/neighbours etc.

Your deciscion.



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You could try Severnside - £10 all day long - 100yds and 200yds, open to the public Wed and Sat. It is just over the new severn crossing at Roiget. PM me if you want details