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Does anyone know the muzzle energy limits of a non-MOD range? I believe the one I am thinking about is called a gallery range, it is 100m and certified for fullbore. I am thinking about applying for a heavy african rifle but am not sure if it would exceed most range limits.


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You need to check the range in question . I use two private ranges one won't allow .22-250 the other is up to .50.



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Look at the range safety certificate or safety assessment, since safety certificates are no longer issued by the army for non M.O.D. ranges. Copies of either of these are usually posted on the range.
In the past .22-250 exceeded the upper velocity limits and .50BMG exceeded the muzzle energy limits for "standard" centre-fire rifle ranges. Things have changed in recent years with regard to civilian ranges and a more risk assessed approach is taken but obviously the operators need to demonstrate compliance with a recognised standard, so shouldn't deviate too far from accepted design and standards used by the army.

"Heavy African" rifles can usually be safely accomodated on most centre-fire ranges, but consideration should be given to the additional noise generated which can be a problem to other users on the range and the neighbours.


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Bear in mind that some ranges will have a maximum calibre size too (bullet diameter). If so it is usually .455 - a throwback to the days of the Webley revolver - yet that maximum size WILL apply to all weapons used.


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As an owner of a range, i am sorry to say that any large center fire cartridge like "heavy african" would smash any private range safety certificate. Unless you loaded with black powder.


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Hmmm interesting the club I shoot with has a few members with what are classed a large dongerous game calibres like .375 H & H, .416 Remington, .458 Win mag and they are allowed to be used on the range with normal smokeless loads. It's no a military range either and I hear that some users test their .338 Lapuas on the range and there is talk of soem .50 cal browning being tested and it's privetly owned.


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Sorry Trev, I have to disagree with you. It very much depends on the range safety certificate and what the range is passed for. At my club it is possible to shoot .338 Lapua Magnum without exceeding the limits set out on the range safety certificate. I should point out that it is a fully enclosed range with no danger area.
Fifty BMG would be pushing it a bit though, and anyway we don't want to upset the neighbours do we.


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Hi there if u wanna shoot big game rifes or any calliber then this is the place u want calton moor range it is in the peak district just out side ashbourne derbyshire.the range is two 100m tunnels set underground witch has never been done before. this is a must for any stalker
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I have shot at the Calton Moor range mentioned in the previous post. I think its pretty much unique for a private range in England. If you're based in that part of the country its well worth a visit.

Its all indoors (underground) and is lit so you can go at whatever time suits. There are no range days / time restrictions / shooting in progress signs to mess about with. You simply book, turn up and then shoot whatever calibre you want to.

Its brilliant for familiarising yourself with a new gun, zeroing, load testing etc. The main thing is that you can go whenever you like. An hour or so after work is perfect for me.




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Hi 8x57
I will have to be more precise when i post in the future, the "range" has more than one distance that you may shoot from. On the 100m range you are right, as it is classed as "no danger area" we are o.k. upto .75 and a muzzel energy of 5500. However go on the gallery range 200-500m in our case, and their is no max caliber But the muzzel energy drops to 3750.