Rare outing reaps rewards with a double!

Due to various things going on in my hectic life these days, mainly revolving around my kids, I haven't had the pleasure of much stalking but managed to get out Tues night for a couple of hours!

I've written about this little pocket of land before which I am fortunate to be able to stalk with no pressure at my leisure and be selective in what I shoot, except for the Muntjac which I'm to shoot on sight!! I haven't been there for a few months and was pleasantly surprised to see how it has regenerated after I've taken quite a few deer off the land as it never looked as healthy as it does now! It has become quite a challenge as you can see from the pics below and in parts resembles the great plains across the Masai Mara!! :lol:



Due to the dry weather of late it is nigh on impossible to stalk some of the land without making loads of noise, so I decided to set up and on the sticks and try calling to see if I got an early reaction from any Roe bucks or possibly an inquisitive Muntjac. It also gave me a chance to cool down in the evening summer heat, as the Rovince gear is great for ticks but does get a little warm!!


After about half an hour with no sign I moved on to an area which has less grass keeping tight to a tree line and spotted a Muntjac buck meandering it's way directly towards me. I could clearly see it was in velvet and that it would turn into a decent head but as it was on the hitlist it had to be shot. I set up on the quad sticks, waited until it turned broadside and gave a little shout to stop it before going back into the hedge and he dropped on the spot. It's been a while since I shot anything and I was surprised at how much the adrenaline got pumping seeing as I've shot dozens of deer now and I was notably shaking after taking the shot!!

He was a big boy with a few war wounds in great condition!



It was still early as I'd shot the buck at 19.30. After the gralloch and inspection I placed him in my Roe sack, contemplated calling it a night and having a nice cold beer, or mooching around the rest of the land where I usually see something as it's not as overgrown.
Well the decision was made easy as I spotted movement at the bottom of a bank in some brambles about 80 yards away, directly up wind. I had to get my bins down from the tree branch where I hung them to confirm that it was a Muntjac Doe, reload the rifle and get myself up on the sticks as everything was set aside while I did the gralloch. After waiting a few seconds she wasn't moving very far as she was munching on the bramble leaves, so being on the quad sticks I was confident of taking a neck shot as her body was obscured. She also dropped on the spot and will be a nice change to have the whole carcass instead of the usual smashed shoulders!!


With 2 in the bag by 8.30pm, which is plenty to carry back to the truck when it's warm, I decided to call it a night and still managed a couple of cold ones when I got home!! It made a nice change to not be gralloching in the dark with a head torch and still packing things away at home gone 10 or 11 o'clock!! :D

Hopefully it'll not be as long before I'm out again but at least I have plenty of meat back in the freezer,




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Very nice.....I could see parts of my write up's in yours and your old mod on my .270 lol



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Excellent write up. That's some exit wound - what was the bullet? SST? Are you sure there are no wildebeest out there?.


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Excellent write up. That's some exit wound - what was the bullet? SST? Are you sure there are no wildebeest out there?.

.308 165gr soft-points bud and some people moan about the lack of expansion with PPU ammo!! Never had an issue myself! Used to use .243 on muntjac but I get far less meat damage with the big slow .308 so use it for everything now, especially as I have Sika, Roe and Muntjac all on the same ground!!