Ratel stalking rifle


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Just wanted to thank Mike Norris at Brock and Norris for his meticulous attention to detail in building my new rifle. He spent 6 hours with me yesterday adding the final touches and even giving me an impromptu reloading lesson to ensure the ammo comes up to spec. It is in 7mm-08 and the rifle shoots a 0.302" group at 100m with 139 grain Hornady SST's, annoyingly I am away this weekend so cant yet shoot it myself!



Hi mate, Its a Zeiss conquest in 6.5-20x50. I was hoping to use it on the test at thetford as my .308 needs some down time for refurb.
Unfortunately I had been in the workshop from 4.30 am ( i need my bloody bumps felt!:cuckoo:) to ensure Steve had his rifle ready to go as it is a long journey up from essex. Even then there is still a lot of detailing neccesary before i am happy to let a rifle go out of the door. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to have steves company for a short time as he was able to see just what goes into a bulid. I was really happy when Steve expressed it was exactly what he wanted and the balance was perfect . I know that he had spent a great deal of time researching and deliberating his specification and was most particular in what he required. I am most pleased that we were able to realise his dream. All I have to do now is finish its twin for delivery next week................ so back to the salt mines for me
Nice spec, great looking rifle :tiphat:

What stock is on it

Adjustable HTG
Available with adjustable integral cheekpiece.

May I ask why 7-08? I had the privilege of talking to the Brock and Norris crew at the Midland Game Fair and it seemed that they have gone with heavy .308 bullets from a short barrel at relatively moderate velocities but still getting long range accuracy (they quoted out to 1200m). Will you still get that from 7-08? (forgive my ballistic ignorance).


I'd been kicking round an idea of a package that would deliver 175grn .303 ballistics but out of a short/handy rifle for some years, when Mike said "Well why don't we build one then!". Following a couple of prototypes (Zaitsev and myself in africa, ran these to 1200mtr at 3k'ft altitude. And some very good friends in the US have been using this profile for some time) Mike eventually went with the "Ratel" profile which as you can see has shown great success.
What we have tried to provide is a high BC 180/190grn bullet that is still supersonic at 1K+ and delivering in excess of 500ft/lb on target from an 18 inch barrel.

With the 7mm it's roughly the same principle, but here's the bigggeeee..... even better BC bullets, with the fact that most 7mm bores seem to shoot a lot smoother (7x57 case in point). Also the 7-08rem is the ballistic twin of the 7x57 Mauser in a more efficeant case.... What's not to like?

My 7-08rem shoots 120v-max, 130+150 SMK's to the same point of aim at 100mtr, it's just a matter of drop from there out to as far as I like.
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I spoke with Mike last night and the mod is a Hardy Gen III - he was raving about them. I'm picking up the "twin" to blackdog's rifle in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!
Must admit the rifle has been great so far. I have only managed to put 50 rds through it as I have been busy with work. Got the wife to fire it with and without the Mod and the difference is astonishing. The best group I have had so far was 9mm centre to centre with 3 rounds. I am off to Scotland next week after some hinds and hope to test it at longer range too. Mike made me two batches of ammo one with 139grain SST's and the other with 139 grain soft points (also Hornady) they both shoot to same point of aim. Why 7mm-08? I already have a .308 and wanted something very similar that I can take to France after wild boar. I would have also settled for .308 or my favourite 7x57 or even 6.5x55 swede. They are all great calibers!