Wanted: Ratting wanted

Ratting wanted - South Wales, West Country, West Midlands.

After seeing the success of another forum member requesting ratting in the Borders I thought I would look for some permission further south.

So, if anyone has any rats that need controlling within a couple of hours of Monmouth, South Wales please let me know. We're experienced at the job and can provide references from a commercial shoot in Wiltshire - we caught 128 rats there in three hours on Sunday morning, our third 100 plus day since the start of the season.

There's usually anywhere between two and four of us with an assortment of good ratting dogs. We use smokers, but I also love the traditional method of some good jill ferrets and a dog or two that know's it's job.

I also use ferrets and nets to control rabbits and if anyone has some rabbits that need controlling, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any leads.
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norma 308

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Not local northants but happy to let you come 500 acres of hedgerow and cover strips with plenty of rattles pm if your interested It would have to be after 31st jan
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are you still in need of rats?!
i live near Totnes, Devon, and am in desperate need of some ratting expertise on my small holding.