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RAY MEARS is on the box! BBC2 8.15, or again tomorow night at 7 I think.
Just thought you all might to know! :eek: :rolleyes: ;)


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Has he got a leather cowboy hat with feathers sticking out of it too? :D You're not telling me he got that gut eating squirrel doo..doos and burdock leaves are you? :lol: That's beer and pies that is, I should know I'm cultivating one myself. ;)


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Hi all

Saw Ray Mears tonight telling everyone " when you use a shackle on a winched recovery, to tighten it up then back it off a bit so that you can undo it easier "
Don't do it you will loosen the shackle so that it becomes less affective at maximum loading . I teach lifting and recovery and this old wife's tale is passed around all the time , I've also seen the results of doing it , saw a winch rope cut a 15cm tree in half, when the shackle gave way because some one had herd of doing this

It's funny I've always watched Ray Mears and thought how good he was I'll think twice next time his show is on and wonder what else is wrong


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