RCBS collect bullet puller or Intertia bullet puller?


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Just curious which designs/methods people prefer before I purchase one.
I personally like the look of this version, I have a Lyman T mag turret press so plenty of room for it don't have to take a die out of somewhere only to set it up again at later date. from the video which I must say is brilliant and very thorough (Greg I hope you don't mind me putting it on here). It seems every component comes apart and fully intact, case held firmly in shell holder so all the powder can be re-used. the bullets not even marked and the cases just re-sized obviously to seat another bullet. what could be easier or better. (see video at 2:37)

Secondly the Inertia bullet puller I know RCBS make one and LYMAN aswell which at only RCBS £29.99 and LYMAN £24.99 in Bushwear catalogue
is very affordable but what do others really like and use?

Thank you for taking the time to read & reply



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The collet puller no contest
you have already seen the advantages .
No mess and no dramas

​regards Brough

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Having just bought a pair of pliers :p
My RCBS collet puller is spare, .22, 6mm (.243) and 30 cal collets, all as new in the box.
If interested pm me.

Neil. :)