rcbs summit press


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Anyone using one.

just fancy a change from the RCBS rock chucker and an updated press. looks cool and will allow me to use it in a better palce,



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I think if you search our own Classifieds - Reloading you'll find some sold listings.

So perhaps the sellers and the new owners might give user feedback?

From what I've read on the internet, link below Firing Line Forums, there are some issues with early versions?

The Firing Line Forums
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Sold mine, no real issues with it.

I have a Rock Chucker Supreme with a case ejection system fitted for bulk resizing work, I use the Hornady LnL quick swap die bushings in it.

I wanted to be able to use the same dies in the Summit but unfortunately the die "tool head" is a different height in both presses so it's not possible. Other than that it seemed OK, only thing I'd suggest is getting the larger primer catcher, JD Reloading sell them or you can probably find then on eBay.


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cheers lads

just rad some other fimdings on another forum, and they had the same issues re: loose component parts etc., but most seem happy,?

on second thoughts I think the Rock chucker is staying. the last thing I need is a problem with the new brass and rifle, where here the RC has been faultless over the past few years I think it may prove silly to change it,



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Just got one from JDR. Lovely bit of kit....takes a little bit of getting used to bringing the die down onto the case rather than vice-versa. Plenty of leverage and very robust.

Only "comment" as Phaedra pointed out you have to reset all your dies for headspace etc as the travel is different between the set up on a Rockchucker and the Summit but that is a minor gripe. Have fitted the Hornady LnL bushing system and will start using those.


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Rockchucker Supreme v Summit v Forster Co-Ax test I did a couple of years ago
Thanks Laurie, that is a good write up, I have a Rock Chucker that dates from 1965 I bought it from a Gunshop that it used for a shop demo in 1971 been using it ever since, it has a Lyman Chrusher 11
for company both turn out ammo that is more accurate than I can shoot,
I have done 3P shooting with our NZ Deerstalkers it's like ISSF 300 metres shooting but at 100-200 m and with scopes
also NRA Fullbore .308 and .223 and F class 6mmBR 6.5x55 so have needed good ammo my NRA mentor used all Forster gear including the Co-Ax press he was very impressed with it,
The new summit press looks like an old Hollywood press given a rethink don't think I will be getting one,
The press I would most like to own is the Redding T7 it suits the reloading I do now Cast bullets I case size, neck expand with an M die and seat
so could fit 2 sets of dies and universal decaping die on each head,
I also loaded some surprisingly accurate .308 and .223 ammo on my Dillion 550B just to see if I could, David Tubb uses a Dillion for across the course ammo highly modified of course
Hunting ammo if required in large quantities could easily be done on a Dillion with careful choice of powder.