RCO's and their children

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Funny thing happened on saterday .

Went to the range and a high ranking member of the BDS was the RCO .
Who brought his child approx 10-12 years old to the range .

Not to bad so far ?

Then conducted his duty as RCO 2 hrs plus 45 min shooting while the bored child entertained himself out of sight of his parent [ behind the fp though].

what do you lot think ?


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three things
1 was the child supervised? while parent was shooting
2 rco can shoot he deligates for someone else to supervise .
3 was it a private range ie not MOD

the child left to play is certaiunly not good



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300 wsm

put it this way if you look on the BDS web site on head office he is one of the three men listed.

When he was shooting one of the of the onther men on said site was rco.


Child was not supervised by any one while he was rco or shooting although adults were near the child was just trying to entertain himself.

Private range


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it sounds like a bunch of people shooting not particularly organised,
as it is a private range anything goes, usually if you do not agree i would vote with my feet and leave, not worth the bother, not sure what the comment about plumbers is? it is safer to have the nearby than out of sight, if some one is designated/agreed to be rco that is upto them. i do not have a problem with children on ranges as long as the people look after them, when i shoot friends keep an eye on them, but they are aware of the dangers but they also shoot.
sounds like you two know each other and were there(splash/300wsm)
if this is the way the bds organise shoots then i won't be particpating in it



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No gods on this site, just people who enjoy what they do. I have no problem with a man taking his son on the range, as long as he is old enough to know what he is doing and what is going on. What better way to teach your son the rights and wrongs of firearms.

Given the chance what man would not want his son to enjoy the sport we all love. I am not taking sides here either, just stating my opinion.

I have three grandsons, two of whom have had opportunities under my instruction, and if I get the chance before I leave this mortal coil, I would give my hide teeth to see one of them follow me into the sport.


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'Bring forth the fatted calf!' 'avert thine eyes, mere mortals'! :lol:

Joking aside, I went to a range a year ago that a 22' rifle club had hired for the day. They had kids walking infront of the firing point, pointing loaded guns at each other, wondering off and leaving rifles unattended. :eek: I made a complaint to the range owner and buggered off whilst I still could. If children are well behaved its great to see them on the range. If the adults with them have little or no sense, then the kids are not going to be much better.


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I think that as long as the child was well behaved why shouldn't he be there?
At least he will learn about the sport and safe gun handling, perhaps if more kids grew up respecting what a firearm is capable of if misused we would have less gun related crime or stupidity when handling guns such as airguns..

I was taught the correct way to use a gun by the cadet force, I learned important rules of safety which stayed with me all my life.

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Phew - I thought the spies were in!

In all seriousness, good on yer 300wsm - if it wasn't for the (unthanked)volunteers who run the ranges, run the events and man the stalls nothing would happen in the BDS.

Nil illegitimi carborundum, as my dear old gran used to say.
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