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The gsxr1100 was mine a couple of years ago, it was ace, fast and uncomfortable, it used as much fuel as the 2.0l espace i was driving

the beetle is still in my garage waiting for me to restore

the trike is gone and sold i built 4 over the years but thats the only one i took pics of.

now i am in a jeep cherokee in diesel.



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Blimey Gyr,
You really got close to that deer mate! :eek: The landy looks abit plastic. Are you sure its not a Santana? :lol:


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No,I'm sure it's a defender it says so on the door!!

Just a bit of fun( there isn't much about these days is there?)

All the best,


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Gyr you sod! You had me going then! Nah I new it was a fake, Land Rover doors that seal? Its got to be a fake! as for 'Not much to laugh about' don't get me started... :(


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i like your style
this is my first stalking veihcle

carries 2 people quite quiet for a petrol and goes most places i need with room for a beast or two in the back


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Stone have you taken to shooting deer on Golf Courses :lol: :lol: You wouldnt get far with that in Scotland, 10ft in off the road and it would sink :lol: :lol:

Now I know what you and Mr B drive around in while stalking, I bet you have those nice bright golfing sweaters on and white peaked caps :eek:


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and this is my new one

shouldn't get stuck now malc :lol:
now i hav a two seater petrol golf buggy for sale ,bright sweater and caps optional extra's if i can get it back off mrB
he seems to of took a liking to his :lol: :lol: