Really Lightweight Trousers & Jacket - Any Suggestions?


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Hello chaps,

To expand on the subject: I have a decent enough plain green shooting suit - trousers and jacket - made by Jack Pyke (sorry if that's sacreligious) with which I'm very happy. Going down to the foreshore chasing geese at 4am in the middle of December is never a problem - it can be -10C outside and I'm usually pretty comfortable and never cold. Going stalking or pigeon shooting in the middle of the summer whilst wearing it though - that's a newly invented kind of unbearable which I'm hoping never to repeat.

Being keen on the pigeon shooting and the stalking, as well as being a newly reborn hypochondriac worried about ticks / Lyme disease (who knew how many things you could get wrong with you just by being outside :)), I'd rather like to obtain a lightweight (lighter-than-air / featherweight) shooting suit of trousers / jacket (or some other upper-body clothing; camo if necessary) which would have all the usual pockets and things, but which wouldn't make me feel like a somewhat overcooked chipolata if I had to stand in it for a few hours with trusty 12 gauge / rifle in hand. I realise there's only so much you can do when it's 35 degrees outside, but I'd appreciate any recommendations you might be able to share.

For the clothes themselves, I'm not too bothered about waterproofing since I'd be intending it for summer use and rain is rain - meh - but I'd like to keep my legs covered (against ticks) and avoid PVC-style stuff since I doubt they'll breathe much. If the whole lot cost less that £100 that would be great, but I'm unlikely to buy anything in time for this summer, so I'd rather save and buy something good than rush a purchase.

With thanks for any advice you can all share,


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got a pair of the one's off daz on this site very light and added bonus thay are anti tick


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I got a deer hunter scandinavia suit off MM beatle on this site, its great to throw over whatever you are wearing (shorts + tee shirt etc) for pigeon shooting or an evening stalk in warm weather.


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I just wear some craghopper walking trousers i picked up for £15 in a grey/ brown with a river west camo top for £25 with a tshirt or vest underneath and providing it doesn't hammer down I'm very comfortable. Then all you need is some tic socks and your wel under the £100 mark :)

edit: all my bits and pieces go in one of these bum bags in olive I got of the bay for a tenner
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Yip, get on to ebay and bid on any windproof smocks that have a starting price of 99p. You can have the newer MTP pattern, which is lighter coloured and seems to work well in a wide range of situations, or the older DPM that we all know and love. Sometimes, in my view DPM can be a bit dark especially when it gets wet. The pockets are great, the jackets wear well and are comfortable, the new MkII MTP ones are designed for hot climates and you can treat them with waterproofing for cotton that will make them waterproof enough for most stalking situations, especially in summer. They also dry quickly.

Don't bid big money for them, some people are asking and paying £120!!! What's with that? Keep bidding around £10 - £15 for MTP and you'll get one even if you have to wait a few weeks. You might get away with paying less for DPM. Sizing is usually height in cm and then chest size in cm - I like mine a bit long but a 180/96 would fit someone around 6 foot tall with a 38, maybe 40, inch chest. You can scale up or down from there as suits you.

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Ridgeline Pintail?



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Thank you again for the suggestions guys - I'll follow them up as soon as I can. I hadn't thought of using a smock, but that's definitely worth consideration. At the very least, some of those tick-resistant socks appear to be the way forward.

Again, many thanks.