Rebuilding a power steering pump


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It seems Covid has stopped the world functioning as I cannot source a new pump for my relative exotic Tata Xenon pickup everywhere it is on backorder.
The pump is losing fluid but when topped up the system works then seeps away slowly. I am against doing any long trips in case the unit seized up and blew the belt off the alternator.
So has anyone on here rebuilt the seals / O rings on a unit of any make? If so was it hard?


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Not a power steering pump.

But if you don't have an impact wrench, consider cracking any spindle / pulley nut while it is still on the vehicle with a belt you can tension!

Some of the relatively hard plastic hydraulic seals I have had to replace looked impossible to fit...but amazingly standing in hot water for a bit enabled them to stretch...don't know how relevant that may be for your circumstance...



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I replaced the ceramic and rubber shaft seal on my TIG plant coolant pump last week. Second time in two decades! Just a little DAB impeller pump so very low pressure. I contacted the pump shop I bought it from and they took a couple of weeks to come back and tell me the makers no longer supply them...but while I was waiting I had a done a search and found two or three ersatz ones, on Amazon of all places. A couple for £3 and one for £17. One of the £3 ones has allowed me to get the job I was welding finished and seems to be holding okay.

If you can’t use the truck anyway, you may as well strip it and see if you can locate generic seals from a seal and bearing place. I managed to get first quality oil seals for my old Merlo telehandler from for 25% of the cost of having them sent from Italy via the local dealers. And they were delivered next day to my door instead of having to go into town to collect them.

If the Tata agent does come up trumps with an exchange unit you can always put it back together again, or not as the case may be!



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Maybe worthwhile using some of the power steering stop leak fluid. I had a rather bad leak on the power steering on a lexus I had. I was looking to get rid of the car and as luck would have it, noticed a damp spot under the car which was fluid leaking from the steering box. Not ideal as I was going to sell it.
Bought a bottle of the Lucas stopleak and it stopped the leak and it was still working 6 months later when I sold the car. Its worth a try at around a tenner if it keeps you going until your parts are in stock


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A couple of mls of brake fluid added to the res will swell the seal, not a permenant fix but should last a few months till you can get a replacement
Works on landrover steering boxes 👍


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If you're in England Martin ,Google Bearing and transmission products ,they match and find most seals ,by number or size .Providing you can get the old ones out intact
Sourced seals for allsorts of obscure farm machinery atb


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Aren't most diesel engines built by a few manufacturers. Peugeot, Perkins... Could you source an equivalent?


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Looking on you tube...other power steering pumps seem simple enough to repair...the pumping is done by loose blades which slide by centrifugal force in radial slots in the spindle boss and conform to the elliptical chamber wall.

"O" rings a chamber cap gasket and a simple shaft oil seal appeared to be in the repair kits illustrated.

Will you fit the second hand one to get you going and rebuild the original as back up?



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That"s the plan.
But I had to use it on Saturday to drive roundtrip to Munich 130 kms each way as the wifes cars a/c has died so I checked the fluid reservoir first as a precaution and it was full so that now makes me wonder why the mechanic says that it is kapput, the drive went ok too.


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I have an old wreck of 300tdi Discovery which has gone through the MOT for the last 3 years...

The steering box, rather than the pump, apparently does not appear to be weeping if someone sprays it with a Jizer type degreaser an hour or two before the test...allegedly.


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this it ?

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