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Tikka 260

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Two more live ones , taken with the camera at the end of the rut.

The doe was being very territorial and chased off another doe , leaving her 2 fawns hidden while she did so. She ran straight at me and stopped about 10 yds away , before taking 2 paces more, doing the usual thing, looking thru each eye and licking her nose to catch scent . She moved away unalarmed, and then circled around to check what I was. She stared for a couple of minutes from dark cover, and then retreated , barking , followed by the fawns. Nice encounter !


The Buck was fairly worn out it seems, as he responded to calling , and came within 15 metres before he realised he had made a mistake.... any way he didnt run, just ambled away down wind, looking over his shoulder as he went.




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That is a brilliant picture of the Buck, the contrast with the green is fantastic, good camera Shooting.