Recommend a Decent Travel Mug Please

Ben P

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Looking for a recommendation for a decent travel mug.

need it not to leak

doesn't need to have a handle

needs to hold a reasonable size drink

easy open and close lid

Thanks in advance, I have a thermos one at the moment which will be getting used as target practice imminently, leaks like a sieve if it's any more than half full!




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not what your looking for but here it is,my mate 5, 8,, thinning hair ,leaks a lot, has an handle useually answers to ********, has been known to hold a pint? and his lids never bloody shut, regards doug,


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Just found a camelback forge mug on the internet, its not cheap but it looks a good bit of kit & camelback is normally well made.


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I bought a twin pack from Costco not so long ago - bloomin marvellous!

Don't leak, lock on the press button - and your drink is still the temperature of lava about 6 hours on....

And only about 11 quid for the two. Bargain.


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Have a look at contigo.

Excellent seal, good heat retention and easy to drink from, holds just a bit more Tha a normal coffee mug.

Had mine for years now. Still works well despite dents and dings from being dropped


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Lifeventure Mega Trek Mug.

I have this and two flasks now from Lifeventure and they out perform anything I ever owned before. Just in a different league.

If I make a cup of tea at 7.30 and head to the range it's still warm at 1pm when we wrap up.
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Just found a camelback forge mug on the internet, its not cheap but it looks a good bit of kit & camelback is normally well made.

just bought one to replace the ridiculously crap lifeventures one (see below)

The forge is very well made although on testing i immediately notice the lower ring of the lid becomes very hot
using such a highly conductive material for a thermal mug is a joke
won't keep fluids as hot as others as a result, but it is designed for yuppies keeping their starbucks warm on the way to work not for blokes sitting in the cold for hours on end........


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Does the camelback leak when you turn it on its side?

not as much as the Lifeventures one!!

no, on a serious note it is very well made and the trigger system allows full inversion without so much as a drip,
I can imagine wedged into a bag might allow something to squeeze the trigger but that is easily solved

Rob Dhu

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Interestingly I was doing a bit if searching on the net, this name came up Zojirushi, good reviews but silly money


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Just brought one for £4 from morrisons, to take on holiday, haven't tested it yet but it looks ok & its a damn sight cheaper than the camelback I saw on the web.


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For large size, it is hard to beat the Stanley Tool all stainless steel vacuum bottles, made for construction workers in the winter. They fit into lunch boxes and bags ( actually, the intelligent boxes and bags are made around the Stanley), and some have wide mouths for hot soup.

In a smaller size, to fit a car or day pack, the stainless vacuums by Hydroflask are super. A young engineer who works out in very hot and very cold weather introduced me to them. You can put hot coffee or tea into one and go skiing all day, and it is still steaming in late afternoon. You can put ice cream in it on a summer day, and have it for lunch. They make a variety of tops, and even the flip open one for sipping will not drink if it is closed, while rolling around on a truck floor.