Recommend a rifle slip

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As above looking for a case that will accommodate rifle /scope and bi-pod not to fussed about the extra pockets available on some covers available on the net .
Your thoughts please !


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Try Ronnie Sunshines, it is primarily airguns and clothing but I got a very good rifle case from him for £26, semi rigid due to the foam lining canvas quality. I can get a Remmy varmint with bi-pod and T8 fitted in it and opened up it acts as a very good mat on the fireing point.


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Webtex do a good army sniping rifle case. Hand grips, shoulder sling and shoulder straps. Loads of room and pockets galore!


Aim field sports do what is becoming exepted as the best bags of this type. The Guy who designed them is a mad keen rifleman, they are built like - well you won't break the connection points and smash up your gun.and i seriously doubt you could wear one out period !

Got a website google it and give the guy a phone


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Hi Mullbiker,
Its designed around the Army's L96 AI so loads of room. In fact if I'm stalking light I just fill the pockets up and wear it like a rucksack. Its also less noticable worn like that when people are about.
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