Recommend me an Arbour Press


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In the market for an arbour press but as always I'm looking for a the best price/product. Read some reviews and don't want to go cheap and nasty... any recommendations?
Hello TB. I had two. A K & M that nobody on here wanted to buy and an industrial one, tripod mounted that would have shamed a Vicker's Machine Gun from a metal worker for £5.00. The K & M would de-cap, just about, and seat bullets. The £5.00 one would full length size...the lot. If you've room get a redundant industrial one.


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I'd be happy with an industrial one at lower cost but as I don't know what to look for I could do with some guidance! Any tips?

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Ben, did you find something to suit your requirements? I've got a Wamadet free-standing press that I have been looking after for a friend who moved to France several years ago. It's unlikely he'll want it when he comes back. You are welcome to have a look at it. Other stuff to do with loading pistol stuff, including some Pyrodex powder, bullet moulds, 38/357 cases etc.