Recommendation for goose shooting


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Does anyone have any recommendations for inland duck and goose shooting?

4-5 guns looking for dates in November/ December.



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Anywhere in the UK, huh?

Okay then, my recommendation is Orkney Shooting Holidays.

I've been with them a couple of times and both times we've been royally looked after and they've got us under the geese. Can't praise them highly enough for their effort and results. It's a fair old journey to get there, including a ferry (obviously) but that is part of the experience, I found. Travelling up through the highlands, the views were superb and added considerably to the trip. The wildlife seen included red deer, roe deer, game birds by the dozen, including black grouse, rapators, seals and that was just from the car driving up! On the ferry on one crossing we saw a pod of killer whales and you get to steam past the Old Man of Hoy. Whilst there, you can see the location of the Grand Fleet in the First World War and still a Naval stronghold in the second, Scapa Flow. Although all traces of the German fleet sunk there at the end of WW1 are not visible, you can see in some inlets the hulks of ships sunk as a preventative measure against U-boats.

The shooting follows the usual thing. Up early for a goose flight, mostly on fields before breakfast and then before dusk, out again for a duck flight. It's not the thing you can do frequently because of the extra travelling (if you haven't been up that far, you'll be surprised) and the extra cost of the journey. But for a special goose trip, highly recommended. The goose population is far greater than the human population!
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What dates in December are you looking for ?. Is it dawn flights, evening or moon flights you are looking for ?, full moon I think is about the 14th Dec.
Preferably late November or early December. We are looking for morning goose flights on the fields and then flighting for geese and ducks in the evening.