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Does anyone have any recommendations for an accompanied stalking outfit in the South East: Sussex, Surrey, Kent possibly Hampshire.

A friend and I would like some ideas for some where that has a decent reputation. We are both DSC1 holders but want a stalk that will be instructive/informative as much as being enjoyable. If they can accomodate us both at the same time so much the better.

Dont want too much do I!

Many thanks



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Now, did you PM uncle Malc over this?, he is a guide, has shooting down that way and is not adverse to making money, and if he is sober you maybe even learn something :eek: :eek:



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your right jayb hes a top man,he just needs to get some better tyres on that robin reliant :lol: he really enjoys the countryside now hes out of peckham :lol:


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Sikamalc has already very very kindly spoken to me a few weeks back and suggested a get together, one bit of his ground is very very close to where I live.

But I do not want to be too much of a burden and am looking for some other options as I would love to get out a couple times this summer before I move back to the southwest. The key for me is hands on experaince with some one who knows what is what hence asking for other good stalking outfits!

One day I hope I can repay the offer too!

Many thanks indeed.



Cervus might be able to help. He sounds a good man and one or two on this site stalk with him I believe.
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